Ankush Mahajan

Comparison between 2 Industry Leading Multivendor Ecommerce Platforms: Yokart vs CScart

Blog Post created by Ankush Mahajan on May 16, 2018

Launching an online multivendor store brings in a lot of research. From knowing how to plan the whole business to a platform that can help you make a good start, every step is critical. You need a platform where admin and vendors can manage the number of things like products handling, sales management, product catalog, payment etc. without any hassle. Speaking of choosing the right multivendor platforms, here’s a comparison between two leading platforms you can choose from: YoKart and CS Cart.



YoKart is the only dedicated multivendor ecommerce platform in the market. It’s one of the few systems that have pulled in huge attention so quickly due to lucrative features. There are more of such things like its award winning status and budget friendly plans that claim to meet the interests of small and medium scale startups.



CS-Cart is an ecommerce platform that delivers great flexibility and offers good scope for business specific customization. It’s scalable in design and offers reliable solution for SMBs.





In terms of features, both the platforms are head to head. Both platforms offer multiple payment gateways, responsive mobile design website, SEO friendly, and a good set of other required features. What sets YoKart apart from CS-Cart is that you get the same set of features across all packages. Whereas CS-Cart “Built in Editor” feature sets it apart from the YoKart.



This is where YoKart leads in the chart. With YoKart you can start your full fledge multivendor store at just $250. It is a one-time fee and the license is yours for the lifetime. You can customize the platform as per your needs. Coming to CS Cart, it offers a free version but the features are limited especially NO to multivendor functionality. To convert your store into multivendor, you have to pay $1450 in CS Cart. It is a one-time fee. Both the platforms offer 30 day money back guarantee.


Customer Support

This is where; YoKart leads in a good way. YoKart comes along with one-year free technical support, free installation and also offer free hosting. YoKart offers 24 hours customer support and has highly experienced technical team. Whereas in CS Cart, customer support is not free, you’ll have to continually pay to have your questions answered and your issues resolved.